Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New & Improved

I paired my special finds from Liberty of London with fabric from Purl Soho, and sewed a nifty shoulder bag that holds just the right amount of things I need-- the things I actually need.

When I was living in Park Slope I bought a very similar bag from Nest, which is sadly no longer there. Jess has the same one. We both were smitten with the illustration on the fabric by Japanese artist Shinzi Katoh. Unfortunately, I hardly ever use mine due to the fact that the handles are white (not very practical for an artist) and there is only one small pocket inside.

So on my version I sewed mutliple pockets into the lining: one for my iPhone, one for my mini planner, one for my keys and the two for a pen & pencil. I added natural colored handles to camouflage day-to-day dirt and to pull out the warm tones in the floral printed lining. Happily, I found a use for the fabric-covered button I picked up in London, though I think a zipper would have been more practical. All in all it has been my favorite new accessory this fall.

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