Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitchen Aids

For Jess' birthday I wanted to give her something with both form and function. I went back to Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter for inspiration (who, by the way, I am collaborating with at Fishs Eddy!). After some deliberation, I decided to make her an apron and potholder using Kokka Canvas Ticking as my main fabric. Jess is the ultimate hostess and decorator so when she's not using them, I can imagine them hanging nicely in her kitchen.

Lotta noted that this is one apron you won't want to take off after your work in the kitchen is done. She wasn't kidding! I had a hard time parting with it after the photo shoot, but I'm happy when I think of Jess on a Sunday afternoon, going about her domesticities in style.

* Thanks to Silka for taking these great shots!


  1. Beautiful! These are sewn so well! I think it is time to turn in my beloved apron for a new one like this. Except I probably would not want to get it dirty! Love the artistic photos,too.

  2. I'm so in love with these beautiful creations and, as your mom reflected, and am having a little trouble thinking about the possibility of getting them dirty :) The apron is so well sewn and made of such delightful fabrics that it could easily be worn as a dress. I think I would even try to wear the pot holder. Thank you so much, thoughtful friend, for making me feel so special. MWA!