Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Brew

Just about a month ago I fortuitously met Sufi, the owner of MyWayCup Coffee, on 23rd and Park. He and his partner Halo were perusing through Fishs Eddy, selecting vintage cups when the hand-painted Alice in Wonderland sign caught Sufi's eye. He asked how much it was but was promptly informed by a sales associate that "it's not for sale." In attempts to keep this customer happy, when I returned from lunch I was summoned over and introduced to Sufi & Halo as "the girl who painted the sign." Within moments they were describing their cafe to me and the creative visions they had for the bare walls.

After a few late nights and numerous cups of cappuccino, the cafe is now open but decidely incomplete. (There is talk of me coming back to paint a few more graphics) MyWayCup is a place that certainly brings a bit of charm to the otherwise commercial 23rd street and the coffee is so good that it's actually worth going out of MyWay to get it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

(Not So) Teenie Beanie

I just finished knitting this beanie hat for Baby Janus and was a little nervous about the size in the end. I followed a pattern for a 6-12 month year old, but since I can practically fit it on my own head I thought something must be off. Seeing the hat on Ellis reassured me that it's just the right size, and that in reality, babies just have pretty big heads.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

To-Go Bag

In between making baby gifts I've been making a few parent gifts as well. I adapted this simple tote design from a Lotta Jansdotter pattern by adding a cotton lining with additional pockets for stowing baby essentials. While it doesn't hold enough to function as an everyday diaper bag, I think it's a perfect bag to hang on the back of the stroller for short outings. My mom had scrounged up this playful wooden button for me from her button stash. I love it, it looks like it fell out of a MirĂ³ painting.

The changing pad is a total parental necessity and will come in handy on Rachel & Fab's many outings. I coordinated the pad with the tote and used a steely gray grosgrain ribbon to finish it off. This was my first experience with quilting and I must say I got a little thrill as each square puffed up to provide just the right amount of cushioning.