Saturday, April 3, 2010

To-Go Bag

In between making baby gifts I've been making a few parent gifts as well. I adapted this simple tote design from a Lotta Jansdotter pattern by adding a cotton lining with additional pockets for stowing baby essentials. While it doesn't hold enough to function as an everyday diaper bag, I think it's a perfect bag to hang on the back of the stroller for short outings. My mom had scrounged up this playful wooden button for me from her button stash. I love it, it looks like it fell out of a MirĂ³ painting.

The changing pad is a total parental necessity and will come in handy on Rachel & Fab's many outings. I coordinated the pad with the tote and used a steely gray grosgrain ribbon to finish it off. This was my first experience with quilting and I must say I got a little thrill as each square puffed up to provide just the right amount of cushioning.


  1. Love it! Thank you SO much...again!
    Fab - a father-to-be of an already spoiled baby :)

  2. why are you so cute? (your work is cute too.) xo

  3. This kind of bag comes in really handy later on when you don't need bottles and a million toys. Just the essentials. Very pretty- and the button is perfect.