Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the Right Track

While Ronak and I were driving through France we got really into the songs we heard over and over again on the radio. From scraps of paper with scrawled names and fragments of lyrics, I finally got around to finding these tracks (some french, some hip-hop, some german alternative rock...) and compiled a soundtrack that will continue to conjure memories of this extraordinary trip.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something to Write Home About

Shopping in Mumbai didn't offer the same feeling of instant gratification as other places, say Paris or New York for instance. But with an open mind and some patience, the city delivered quite a few treasures. Ronak and I got around in a Cool Cab (with our trusty driver Harish) and scoped out Mumbai's hidden gems, most notably Chimanlal's and FabIndia.

Located on a side street behind New Excelsior Cinema, we almost missed Chimanlal's unassuming entrance. The door to this paper shop was a portal into a world of saturated color and pattern, insulated from the sounds of traffic outside. The prices were so good, I left with a huge stack of paper and a guilty smile feeling like I had gotten away with something.

Next stop... FabIndia, a local chain that provides a platform for rural artisans to sell their handicrafts in the urban marketplace. I love the concept of this store and was happy to support their mission with my purchase. With my increasing interest in embroidery I was drawn to these pillow covers that showcase traditional Kantha stitching techniques. They look perfect in our bedroom and complement the pillow we already have from Anthropologie.