Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: Terrarium Tutorial

Succulent terrariums are so easy to maintain and just as easy to make. They hardly need any water or attention to thrive, just a sunny windowsill. Here's my simple how-to:

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium:

Before you begin, select your container. You can use something as simple as a mason jar or glass bowl, which you may already have laying around the house. For more traditional terrarium vessels, you can find them at floral shops or specialty stores. The one I'm using here is from Terrain, which offers an amazing selection.


•  Glass container with wide opening
•  Selection of succulents
•  Gravel or Pebbles
•  Charcoal
•  Cactus Soil Mix
•  Spoon or Mini Shovel
•  Newspaper, for easy cleanup

1.  Choose your succulents. Select plants that vary in height, color and texture. I bought a couple extra so that I would have options once I started arranging.

2.  Place a layer of gravel or pebbles on the bottom of container; this provides drainage.

3.  Place a layer of charcoal over the pebbles; this helps control moisture.

4.  Place a layer of Cactus Soil Mix, a fast-draining soil that retains little moisture.
5.  Arrange Plants. Remove plants from pots, gently tap off extra soil and place roots in the new soil. Be careful not too over-handle. Succulents have very delicate leaves that fall off easily when touched.

6.  Admire your creation! Place your terrarium in direct sunlight every day for at least five or six hours. Water once every two weeks. The water should freely drain to the bottom. After watering, there should not be more than an inch of water visible in the gravel at the bottom.

* Optional: Place a layer of sand or pebbles on the top layer of soil for a finishing touch.

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  1. What a beautiful tutorial! I feel a little less intimidated by terrarium making now :) I love how you figured out how to add numbers to your pictures, too! Your blog is becoming so professional!!