Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mommy in Waiting

Due to a number of circumstances, my mom and I had to plan Rachel's Surprise Baby Shower within just few weeks from her due date... dangerously close! We were hoping she wouldn't have to bring her own baby to the shower. After waiting so long, we figured Rachel would be on to our ploy to get her to Long Valley this past Saturday afternoon. But alas, she was surprised! Apparently we're both very good liars.

Since the party was fairly small I was able to hand-print the invitations, line the envelopes and spend time on all the minute details (though I don't think I could resist doing the same for an even larger event). I like orange as a cheerful and fun alternative to the usual gender-neutral yellow. When I saw cupcake papers & toppers by Meri Meri, I fell in love with them and adopted the vintage circus theme on the spot.

Rachel lives for surprises... so much so that she and Fabien have opted not to find out the sex of the baby or give away the names they have in mind. We are all waiting in anticipation to meet Baby Janus, it's been long enough!


  1. What a shower! So nice little details that made it such a great party! Rachel is still telling me how she had a great time and how she loved EVERYTHING. Thank you.

  2. It was such a perfect afternoon down to the last detail! I LO-HOVE the invites, cupcakes and favors. The theme was such a great idea and orange was a perfect choice - so cute and fun. You know I love a good surprise and you guys really pulled it off! :)

    ps - it's so cool how you printed the invitations by hand so each one was truly unique!

  3. I love "gender neutral orange"... they should make an actual color with that name :) You did such a wonderful job, i'm so proud of you. Rachel and Fab... all the best wishes from me too! just counting the hours now