Sunday, December 6, 2009

En Papoose

Racing against Jenny's September 18th due date, I carried this ever-growing knitting project all over with me hoping to get in a few stitches whenever I could. I started the papoose on a plane ride to St. Martin and ended it feverishly one night in Brooklyn at 2 am just a few days after Ellis was born. In between those two points, the papoose accompanied me on train rides to and from New Jersey, to a weekend getaway in DC, under a tree in Prospect Park, and hours on Ron's couch watching TV. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment in finishing my largest knitting project to date, and even more so when Jenny sent me these photos of Ellis wrapped up in her new blanket.


  1. Ellis and I can't thank you enough for her papoose! It's such an incredibly special gift, filled with so much love...and so much softness. I know we'll treasure it forever!

  2. I'm jealous...because I know we won't get one like this! It is really cute I have to say! You're so good at any project you're up to.
    Bonne continuation dans tes projets...