Monday, December 7, 2009

A Needful Thing

This holiday season my grandmother (aka Bonne-Maman), a woman with few needs, reminded us of what she does NOT need: a renewed subscription to France Magazine, clothes, scarves, night ware or soaps. To quote her directly, she has no more room for "objects."

Inspired by the embroidered textiles her mother had used to use, I went against her wishes and made her a change purse out of an embroidered japanese cotton fabric. I used the the "wrong side" of the fabric, an intricate lace-like webbing, for the lining because it was just to beautiful to hide.

I think she'll be willing to make room for one more "object".


  1. Ha! I have a similar "Cicada Studio ala Karl" take on her gift, too! I also thought she could make room for one more "object".

    Have you been posting all along? I just got about 9 posts from you in one night and have never seen them before. Glad to see you here!

  2. I love my 'ala Karl' design you made for me too! Its special because you made it and I have an original fabric design by my 8 yr old grandson. Kudos to his mom for turning his artwork into a lovely piece of fabric. I see lots of collaborations in the future from this family, maybe!!And another blog for Bonne Maman to keep up with!