Monday, April 18, 2011


Whether home or abroad, I used to carry a sketchbook with me all the time.  These days I take the time to sketch mostly when I'm traveling. It's the unfamiliar landscapes, people and architecture that inspire me.

I find that when I'm drawing I relate to my surroundings in an intimate and tactile way;  listening to the bells and hushed whispers at Sacré Coeur, breathing the earthy scents on the beach in Goa, feeling the sun beat down on my back in Colonia del Sacramento... in those moments I feel the most present and connected to the space around me.


  1. These are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, Sara. So fluid, just the right amount of detail to allow the mind to wander further, and such a lovely technique. I adore the top one, and the attendant, and the viaduct, and the people on the plane/train.... love them all, but they are my favorites. Just beautiful. You are soooo good!

  2. So glad to see you taking the time to sketch on your trips. You have such a talent for capturing the moment with your gentle lines and although I love the drawings in B & W, I am partial to the ones that have an added touch of color.