Monday, April 11, 2011

Sewn Salutation

I really enjoy yoga, but sometimes I get lazy and need a jump start to get myself to class.  I too often find excuses why not to go like  1) I'm hungry  2) there's something good on TV or  3) I don't have a tote for my yoga mat and get the skeevies when I think of borrowing one from the studio.

One night last week (instead of going to yoga) I stayed home and sewed a tote for my mat out of red-striped Yuwa fabric and natural cotton cord. Now one of my best excuses has become my favorite reason to go.


  1. How sweet! And how funny . . . I am currently not at yoga because of an excuse. (It's a good one, though. I'm working on a paper due this week. Or was, until a minute ago. :)

  2. Love the fabric. You will look very fashionable carrying your yoga bag to class!