Saturday, March 5, 2011

Market Run

This time of year any temperature reaching above 50 degrees drives New Yorkers outside, some optimistically wearing flip-flops & shorts.  More vendors noticeably pop up at the the farmer's market selling their bounties, products, and plants-- fooling some into thinking that Spring is officially here...

So on this 60 degree Saturday, I took my newly-finished grocery tote for a test run to the farmer's market. The bag is made of a loose-weave linen and lined with lightweight cotton. I reinforced the handles, and to add a little embellishment (and practice my embroidery skills), I chain-stitched a simple floral motif onto the front side. It passed the test, toting home my lettuce, carrots and potatoes with ease.


  1. What a great bag! I like the center of the handles. Not only does it look more finished but it must be easier to carry. Your embroidery is lovely! Now that you have mastered the chain stitch what new stitch is on your list? I am sure whatever it is you will have success.

  2. Lovely bag, and so you! Chic AND practical!!!