Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thoroughly Impressed

I'm taking another class at Intima Press, this time integrating both metal and wood type. The wooden letters are so appealing even on their own: the worn edges, the subtle ink-stained colors, the nicks and scratches that reveal years of use. I'm really in love with them.

When I signed up for the class I had my head set on making something poster size, but the lack of duplicate letters in some of the alphabets forced me to be a little less ambitious and more minimal with the text. I'm really happy with the results!


  1. this is cool again! I like the quote...of course it's french :)
    My dad gave me our names (rachel fabien janus) in old wooden print letters a while ago and I always wanted to use them for a project but never found one yet to use them for. So for now it's been maybe 2 years that they sit on the bookshelf in our living room, waiting to be used :)

  2. J'ai besoin d'une affiche comme ca! Maintenant, s'il te plait. :)