Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Streamer Wand Tutorial

These streamer wands were my very first wedding project. Choosing the ribbons helped me decide on our color scheme early on and things started to fall into place from there. Over the Moon Ribbons was a amazing source for ribbons, with a wide range of colors and styles. After studying various tutorials online, I decided that this one seemed the easiest and the quickest. Most of the 150 wands were completed in one night with good friends, pizza and a couple bottles of wine. 

How to Make Streamer Wands: 


•  3/8" Ribbons, cut to 36" long (I used 5 per wand)
•  12" Wooden Dowels
•  1-1/16" Brass Screw Eyes
•  Thumbtack
•  Hammer 
•  Pliers
•  Small sharp scissors

1.  Make a hole. Gently tap the thumbtack with a hammer to start a hole at one end of the wooden dowel. This step will make attaching the screw eye much easier.

2.  Insert the screw eye in the hole you just made. A plier will come in handy when your hands start to get tired.

3.  Neatly stack the ribbons and thread them through the screw eye opening.

4.  Loop the ribbons and pull them through to make a knot.

5.  Pull ribbons taught to fasten the knot.

6.  Wave your wand and celebrate this moment!


  1. I love this idea for a wedding ceremony. It's better than bubbles or rice. Love it!

  2. How many rolls of ribbon did you have to buy for the 150 wands?

  3. Hello, I'm confused by the size of the brass screw eyes. How are they 1-1/16", is that the length? what diameter are they?