Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Personal Record

I kept a diary every year as a child but when I would read back on past entries I'd cringe in embarrassment thinking "I wrote that??"…So in 8th grade a friend gave me the idea of a pictorial diary. That medium worked really well for me and so it stuck.

This daily ritual is going on 17 years now. I never thought I would continue keeping a diary into my adulthood, but each year I've felt compelled to continue recording the events of my days... some trivial, some pivotal, and some just the meals I ate.

I used to not be very picky with which diary I used, until I came across the French Country Diary. Its provençal fabrics lured me in and after becoming acquainted with the format and quality, I haven't used any other in 10 years. 2011 started off a little different however.  Despite several attempts I couldn't find the diary anywhere and was afraid that my long tradition would finally come to an end.

Ron encouraged me to contact the author of the diary, Linda Dannenberg. Feeling discouraged, I reluctantly emailed her. I didn't expect a reply considering her website stated in bold letters "THE FRENCH COUNTRY DIARY 2011 IS NOW SOLD OUT!" I made a note that I worked at Fishs Eddy to add a little more dimension to my desperate email. Two days later at work, I was told there was a woman on the sales floor asking for me. I ran downstairs to meet Linda who had unexpectedly found herself in the Flatiron district that day.

After a conversation about our serendipitous meeting and a flurry of emails, she sent me a copy of the 2011 French Country Diary-- and in return I sent her a gift of my Floorplan plates. I have some catch up to do, but I'm relieved I don't have to break my record.


  1. Excellent! Perseverance pays off. How lovely to have these memories.

  2. Love all of those spines! I can't believe it's been 17 years! Amazing! It must be so much fun to look back on these.