Monday, July 5, 2010

Born on the 4th of July

What a monumental weekend! On July 4th, at 12:50 pm my nephew Théo Julien was born at 6lb 8oz. After waiting 9 months and an extra week past Rachel's due date, we were reaching maximum anticipation. Actually Théo timed his birthday quite well. Every year he'll be celebrating his special day with fireworks and BBQ's, and better yet, he'll always have the day off from school with Maman and Papa.


  1. What a lovely portrait of Théo. He will think the fireworks will be just for him.

  2. Ok, first, he was born at 12:48. And He'll be home for his brithday with mom....hmmmm what about papa?
    Alright I'm stopping teasing you. I love your drawing SO much! It was already my phone background and I already put it as my laptop wallpaper!
    I'm the happiest papa ever right now and I think I'll keep that feeling for a little while... oh and not to mention that Théo loves his tata Sara ;-)

  3. Such a beautiful drawing from his ever so talented Tata Sara. This is something we will always treasure and I hope there will be many others to come. :) He already can't wait to see you again....