Saturday, February 6, 2010

Early Bloomers

Of all the women I know that are pregnant, there is one I am particularly excited about... my sister, Rachel! I'm really looking forward to becoming and aunt and as soon as I heard the news I started planning baby projects from now until her June 27 due date. It's not easy for me to hold on to gifts for very long, so I've decided to give Rachel & Fabien the things I make as I finish them. First up, bloomers! Once I got the hang of the pattern, they sewed up pretty quickly, and feeding the elastic through was a cinch due to my scrunchie-making days in middle school.


  1. I'm excited too - about all the amazing things you're going to make for your little niece/nephew!! We LOVE the bloomers and can't wait until the day when we'll get to use them. I'm already looking forward to seeing what's next....I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

  2. Ha I see that we do NOT have to wait until June for getting stuff from you! I love the bloomers (I guess that's the word for "culottes de bébé" :) and I'm curious about finding out what's next!
    Thank you so much again. You're already an awesome aunt :)